The intention of this wiki is to provide a learning resource to participants in advance of a connectivist
Massive Online Open Course (MOOC). The wiki currently focusses on some of the issues faced by new users
of Twitter—primarily basic setup concerns. It also covers some elements of digital literacy, including networked
learning through Personal/Professional Learning Networks and sharing on Twitter, as well as some of the social
norms involved with social learning.

How to Use this Site

Each section is listed sequentially. Start with Step 2, Setting learning goals and then you will proceed to
Step 3Where to start? Assessing your learning needson the left-hand side menu to determine where on the site you
should begin. Once you start, proceed down through the menu to each successive step from that point onward. On the bottom
left-hand side of each page you will find a link to the next topic as well.

General Wikispace navigational information can be found here.

Discussion Forum

To share thoughts, comments or questions as they arise, please feel free to use the discussion button located
near the top right-hand side of each wiki page. (It looks like two chat bubbles and can be found directly to the right
of the edit button on the grey bar.) When posting, please keep in mind the discussion etiquette guidelines posted on that page.

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