Building your Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN)

"The smartest person in the room is the room." - David Weinberger

We're living in an age where change is rapid and keeping up on it is an impossible task for
each of us to do alone. We need to do this in groups—networks—sharing the responsibility.

This is where your learning goal will come in handy! What do you want to know more about that's
related to your work? Who out there is interested in the same thing?

Howard Rheingold and some others have provided some key steps and considerations involved
in building a PLN in this Storify that are worth observing. The same steps are outlined in a bit
more detail here.

Listen to Adam's PLN story:

For more about how learning in networks is a skill of growing importance, listen to David Weinberger on Spark.
Additional resources for PLN building are located at Tannis Emann's site.

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